Boxmistral Bed Frame Protector
Boxmistral Bed Frame Protector
Boxmistral Bed Frame Protector
Boxmistral Bed Frame Protector
Boxmistral Bed Frame Protector

Boxmistral Bed Frame Protector

Medical Device Class 1

OEKO-TEX® Certification for Fabric 3 Space Mistral®

100% Made in Italy

Patented Mattress

Exclusively Made-to-Measure

Certified and Guaranteed Product

Free Delivery and Return

10 Year Guarantee

Over 100 Sales Partners in Italy

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Mistral: the technology

Up to three times more efficient and effective
than conventional padding!

1. elastic and strong

Thanks to its incredible elasticity, Mistral® is able to adapt perfectly to the people it accommodates, resuming its original shape immediately afterwards. It distributes the weight over thousands of very thin, interwoven, flexible threads, adapting to every shape and movement.

Watch the Mistral elasticity test

Watch the Mistral breathability test

2. Breathable and fresh

Mistral® is 90% hollow fabric: this promotes the circulation of oxygen and prevents moisture build-up, increasing comfort.
Moreover, thanks to its highly breathable structure, it is always filled with fresh and clean air.

3. Dry and hygienic

Composed of 100% water-repellent and essentially hollow polyester, it cannot retain liquids or moisture, preventing mold formation and proliferation of mites and bacteria.

Watch the Mistral waterproof test

OEKO-TEX® certification

Il Mistral: l'imbottitura innovativa

Mistral® is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, an independent and internationally uniform testing and certification system for textile products. The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 guarantees a high level of product efficacy and safety primarily from the consumer's point of view, certifying that the products are free of undesirable harmful substances.

Made in Italy

We are a proudly Italian company with over 50 years of passion and experience in the bedding world.

Our products are made exclusively in Italywith raw materials processed in our own factories, in full compliance with current health and safety regulations.

Sleep well, fell better.
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