About Us

Almost 50 years have passed and the desire to look to the future
is still the same.

One of the distinctive characteristics of our family’s history is our strong focus on everything “new”.

My name is Pasquale Fortunato and in 1990 I took over the running of the company set up by my father, a man motivated by a strong creative drive which was always his trademark over the years.

It is to him that, today, we owe the invention of thermoplastic felt.

Today it is familiar to everyone working in this field, but at the time it was a real game-changer.

Today, that same drive and passion that my father applied to his work can be found in me.

I never doubted that, sooner or later, I too would make my mark.

And so it was.
It all started with the problem of how to ensure proper sleep. I tried many different products, every conceivable type of mattress and they were all fairly good, but none of them had me waking up in the morning feeling completely rested.

I felt the need for something better. Then it occurred to me that billions of people in this world have my same problem, everyone wants to sleep as though they were resting on clouds.

A few years ago I was at a fair in Germany and, as usual, I was wandering around intrigued by the machinery and the latest novelties. At a certain point my gaze was struck by a curious contraption which could make new fabrics using an unusual method.

I had a brainwave. I immediately realised that here was the answer to my problem: I could stop my search for the solution.

I needed to create
the solution myself

I bought the machinery and perfected it by making some modifications, to the point that, today, it is no longer the same device that I bought at the fair.

After several attempts, my invention was ready: Mistral®.

Mistral® is an innovatively-structured padding, a three-dimensional fabric made up of thousands of polyester threads, woven in a unique manner and enclosed in two honeycomb structures.

The name of the fabric came to mind because, in our family, we all love the sea and sailing so we are familiar with the different names of the winds.

The name Mistral® is inspired by the Mistral, the wind that blows from the north west, the big shot amongst winds, the one that determines change.

And this is exactly how it was for us: a wind of change renewed our company once again: I succeeded. I too, like my father, made my mark. 2007 was the year that saw the birth of the Mistral Srl company.

The invention of Mistral® earned me a patent and enabled the creation of a unique mattress, capable of bringing peaceful sleep, almost as if you were resting on a cloud.

This invention allowed me to enter the Luxury market directly, where the concept of good rest is linked not only to comfort, but also to the design of the mattress.

My company is an example of the fact that love, passion and determination can achieve anything in this life.

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