Boxmistral Deluxe Mattress

The Epitome of Comfort and Innovation

At the core of every Boxmistral mattress lies the groundbreaking Mistral technology, an entirely Italian-made system revolutionising sleep with its unparalleled air circulation and moisture management. This is not just a mattress; it's a rejuvenation experience for both body and soul.

  • NTailored support for every sleep posture.
  • NHygienic haven: Say goodbye to dust mites and bacteria.
  • NA perfect harmony of support for the head, neck, and spine.

Ideal if you sleep
on the side

Ideal if you sleep
on your back

Ideal if you sleep
on your stomach


Satisfaction or Your Money Back


Try our mattress, risk-free.
Purchasing online, you have the opportunity to test your new mattress for 30 days in the comfort of your own home. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.

Why 30 days?
Italian law (Articles 52 et seq. of the Consumer Code, Legislative Decree No. 206/2005) provides a right of withdrawal for online purchases within 14 days.
Here in Boxmistral we have decided to extend this right to 30 days to give our customers even more time to try the mattress and to be 100% sure of their choice.

No risk, just maximum comfort.

Free Shipping & Returns


Your comfort is our priority. Enjoy fast, free delivery directly to your home and, if you're not satisfied, returning it is easy and incurs no additional cost to you.

Interest-free Installments available


Dreaming of quality rest but prefer not to strain your monthly budget? With PagoLight by Compass or Klarna, you can sleep on your new mattress and pay for it in installments, interest-free!

The approval process is immediate and requires no income documentation.

ten-year warranty


Sleep peacefully knowing your mattress is covered by a ten-year warranty*. Quality and durability are guaranteed to offer you peaceful nights for years to come.

*The warranty does not cover damages due to improper use of the product. More information can be found on the Boxmistral Warranty page.

Medical Device Class 1


Classified as a Class 1 Medical Device according to European Directive 93/42/EEC. This means that it is designed and manufactured for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries and to improve sleep quality.

In addition, because it is a Class 1 medical device, it is deductible as a health care expense on your tax return, so you will be able to recover 19% of the expense incurred.

Structure & Materials


A perfect combination of innovative and traditional materials, with ergonomic layers for optimal comfort and support. Each mattress is a masterpiece of comfort, durability, and hygiene.



Our 3D Space Mistral fabric is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, which attests and certifies that it is free of unwanted harmful substances.

Made in Italy


Proudly designed and manufactured in Italy, our mattresses represent the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and design, ensuring quality and style in every detail.

Maintenance and cleaning


For the Mattress Cover:

  • Washing: Wash at a maximum temperature of 40°C to preserve the fabric's quality and integrity.
  • Drying: Avoid using a dryer; let the mattress cover air dry naturally.
  • Bleaching and Ironing: Do not use bleach or iron to maintain the properties of the mattress cover.

For the Interior of the Mattress:

  • Deep Cleaning: Use perchloroethylene and a powdered detergent for any stains or dirt.
  • Surface Cleaning: For superficial stains, use a damp cloth and gently rub to avoid damaging the internal materials.

Authorized points of sale


You can try our products at our authorized dealers. Each store was chosen for its ability to offer a personalized experience, allowing you to touch the quality and comfort of our mattresses. Visit your nearest store to discover our range and let experienced professionals guide you in choosing the perfect mattress for you.

How is a mattress made?

Find out how every detail really matters.

Comfort Layer by Layer

Each layer counts: discover the technology
that has revolutionized rest and experience the evolution of relaxation.

10 Covers for your mattress

Fully handmade.
They are an exaltation of beauty, innovation and care.

Measure Your Sleep, Choose Your Space

From single to king, every option is designed
to provide maximum comfort.


Perfect for those seeking personal comfort and space, ideal for single rooms.


A balance between space and comfort, ideal for those desiring a bit more room.


The classic choice for couples, offering ample space for shared sleep.


The ultimate in space and luxury, for those who spare no comfort.

What is Mistral?

Innovation and Comfort: Discover what makes Mistral unique

Mistral is the result of years of research and development in the field of rest and personal well-being.
With its unique and patented technology, Mistral represents
a new era for sleep comfort and quality.

Mistral Technology

Unique and Patented Structure

Mistral's technology is based on a network of polyester filaments woven into a honeycomb structure, creating unmatched resilience and adaptability. This design allows Mistral to evenly distribute body weight, ensuring optimal support in any position.


Elasticity and Shape Recovery

The magic of Mistral lies in its incredible elasticity, able to instantly adapt to any shape or weight, and then perfectly return to its original form. An experience of comfort that renews night after night.


Breathability and Hygiene

Thanks to its 90% empty structure, Mistral promotes constant airflow, keeping the mattress cool, dry, and moisture-free. Sleeping on Mistral means waking up each morning in a hygienic and rejuvenating environment.

Elasticity test

Breathability test

Waterproofing test

A Leap into the Future of Rest

Mistral is a promise of well-being, health, and innovation.

Health and Wellness

Mistral is designed for your well-being. Hypoallergenic, water-repellent, and anti-moisture material ensures a pure and healthy rest environment, ideal for every need.

Durability and Resistance

The technology and high-quality materials used in Mistral ensure exceptional durability. Your investment in quality rest is guaranteed for years, maintaining unchanged performance and comfort.


Choosing Mistral means making a responsible choice towards the environment. Made with recyclable materials and environmentally conscious production processes, Mistral is a step towards a greener future.

Our Story Begins
50 Years Ago

We are in our 3rd generation business,
but we always give our best
as if it was the first day.


Check out our FAQs to find answers to common questions. If you can't find what you're looking for or need further clarification, don't hesitate to contact us.

We're here to help you choose the perfect mattress for you and guarantee the best possible rest.

I'm concerned the mattress might not be comfortable. How can I be sure?

We understand the importance of a comfortable mattress. That's why we offer a generous 30-night trial period to ensure the mattress perfectly suits your sleep needs. Our mattresses are meticulously designed to balance support and comfort, using high-quality materials that conform to your body's contours. This trial period gives you the opportunity to experience the mattress in your usual environment, ensuring a satisfying purchase.

I'm worried about quality and durability. Are the materials really high-quality?

Your concern about the mattress's quality and durability is understandable. We pride ourselves on using top-tier, carefully selected, and tested materials for resilience and longevity. Each component of our mattress is chosen to ensure the best possible sleep experience. We offer extended warranties reflecting our confidence in our product's quality. Rest assured that your investment will provide comfort and support for many years.

What if I want to return the mattress?

Recognizing the need for a flexible return policy is essential. We offer a straightforward, hassle-free return policy, allowing you to return the mattress within a specified trial period. This ensures that if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can easily proceed with the return. Our goal is to ensure that every customer feels comfortable and secure in their investment, without worries or complications in the return process.

What happens if there's a delivery issue?

Reliable delivery is a critical aspect of online shopping. We strive to ensure that the delivery process is smooth and trouble-free. Should any delivery issues arise, such as delays or damage, we are always ready to assist you promptly in resolving the situation. We work with reliable delivery partners to ensure that your mattress arrives in perfect condition and on time.

Will customer support be available and helpful after purchase?

Absolutely. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing exceptional service both before and after purchase. We're here to answer any questions, resolve doubts, and assist you in every step of the purchasing and post-purchase process. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our customer service is a fundamental pillar of our commitment to you.

Is it safe to buy a mattress online?

We understand your concerns about the safety of online purchases. Our website uses advanced security technologies to protect your personal and financial data. Additionally, our experience in e-commerce allows us to offer an intuitive and reliable purchasing process. Shop with confidence knowing that your information is secure and your shopping experience will be transparent and risk-free.

Are the warranties offered reliable?

Our warranties are a fundamental part of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each mattress comes with a warranty covering aspects such as durability and material quality. These warranties are designed to give you confidence that you are investing in a durable, quality product, with customer service ready to assist you if needed.

How do I know if the mattress dimensions are correct?

Choosing the right size is essential for ensuring the best comfort. We offer a detailed guide on the dimensions of our mattresses and are available to assist you in this choice. Our specifications are designed to fit standard bed sizes, ensuring you'll easily find the perfect mattress for your bedroom. Additionally, we are always available to offer our support in guiding you to the right mattress if you need it.

Is the price justified by the quality?

I understand your concern about value for money. We are committed to offering a mattress that not only meets but exceeds your expectations of quality and comfort. The price reflects the investment in research and development, high-quality materials, and an unparalleled sleep experience. Every aspect of our mattress is designed to provide you with the best possible sleep, ensuring that your investment is justified and leads to a significant improvement in the quality of your rest.

Are the mattress materials safe and non-toxic?

Safety is our utmost priority. The materials used in our mattresses are carefully selected and tested to ensure they are free from harmful and toxic substances. We are committed to ensuring that every mattress is safe for you and your family, adhering to strict safety standards and using eco-friendly, hypoallergenic materials for a healthy and safe sleeping environment.

I'm concerned about the mattress's environmental impact. How is it produced?

Sustainability is a central concern for us. Our mattresses are made with careful consideration of environmental impact, using eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint through responsible practices, ensuring that each mattress is not only comfortable and high-quality but also environmentally friendly. Choosing a mattress from us is a step towards more responsible consumption and a greener future.

Can the mattress aggravate my health issues?

We understand health concerns when choosing a mattress. That's why we design our products to provide optimal support, reducing the risk of exacerbating existing health issues like back pain or joint disorders. Our focus on ergonomic support and quality materials aims to improve your overall comfort and well-being. Additionally, we offer advice to help you choose the mattress best suited to your specific health needs.

Is it compatible with my bed base?

Compatibility with bed bases is important. Our mattresses are designed to be versatile and compatible with most bed bases and frames, both traditional and modern. We will provide all the necessary information to ensure the mattress fits perfectly with your base, ensuring stability and optimal support. If you have any doubts, please contact us for clarification.

I sweat a lot with my current mattress. Will this be resolved?

Temperature management is crucial for comfortable sleep. Our mattresses are designed with advanced temperature regulation technologies to ensure even heat distribution and adequate ventilation. This prevents heat build-up and ensures a cool and relaxing sleep environment. We understand the importance of an optimal sleep temperature and are committed to providing mattresses that maintain an ideal thermal balance.

How can I choose the right mattress online?

Choosing the right mattress online can seem daunting. We offer a detailed and personalized guide that helps identify the most suitable mattress based on your individual sleep needs and body structure. We are always available for consultations and advice, ensuring you make the best choice. Additionally, our website features intuitive tools to facilitate product selection and comparison.

Can the mattress cause allergies or health issues?

Mattresses can be a source of concern for allergies and health issues, especially for those who are sensitive. Therefore, we choose hypoallergenic and non -toxic materials for our mattresses, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Additionally, our products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they are safe and healthy for all users. Your health and well-being are at the forefront of our priorities in designing and manufacturing each mattress.

Does the mattress comply with safety standards?

Safety is our top priority. Every mattress we offer is produced in compliance with the strictest safety regulations. We are committed to ensuring that each product is safe, reliable, and built to last. We conduct rigorous tests to ensure our mattresses meet or exceed safety standards, giving our customers peace of mind for a safe sleep every night.

What if the mattress deforms?

Our priority is to ensure the quality and durability of the mattress. Our products are designed to resist sagging and maintain their shape over time. Moreover, our warranty covers any manufacturing defects, including issues with deformation. If you encounter any such problems, our customer service team is ready to assist you and provide prompt solutions to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Is it easy to clean and maintain the mattress?

Mattress maintenance is an aspect we take very seriously. We provide detailed instructions and practical tips for cleaning and caring for the mattress, making maintenance simple and effective. Our materials are chosen not only for comfort and durability but also for ease of cleaning. The ease of maintenance is a key element in ensuring that your mattress remains in optimal condition over time, contributing to your well-being and sleep quality.

Can I try the mattress in a store?

We understand that wanting to try a mattress before buying is very important. That's why we collaborate with dozens of authorized retailers throughout Italy where you can test and purchase the mattress. This allows you to get a direct idea of the comfort and quality before making a purchase. You can find an updated list of all our retailers here on our website.

Struggling to choose the right mattress?

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for your health and well-being.
With our Mattress Test, we help you find the perfect model
for your needs and sleeping habits.

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