Boxmistral® Warranty

This page explains the conditions and exclusions of the Boxmistral® Warranty for new Boxmistral® products sold to consumers.

Who provides the Boxmistral® Guarantee?

The Manufacturer of Boxmistral® mattresses, pillows and accessories is exclusively Mistral srl, with registered and operational headquarters at Via dell’Industria, 109 – 84092 Bellizzi (SA) Italy.


Mistral srl warrants that all new and original Boxmistral® products are free from material defects due to faulty workmanship or materials for the warranty period (see “Duration” section) unless the product is specifically excluded or an exclusion applies (see “Exclusions” section).

The Boxmistral® Warranty applies to products purchased by consumers anywhere in the world from Mistral Ltd. or an authorized retailer for personal use and not in the course of a business or professional activity.


The standard warranty for all our products is 2 years.
As for mattresses, you can extend the mattress warranty to 10 years by activating it free of charge on our website within 90 days of purchase.

By extending the warranty to 10 years, you can avail yourself of the extended warranty with the following criteria:

Year of warranty

Replacement cost

From 1 to 5












*The cost of mattress replacement will be calculated based on the current list price for the same mattress category at the time the replacement is confirmed.

NB: In the context of a mattress replacement, please note that the warranty period will continue according to the original period without restarting from the beginning, while still guaranteeing a minimum coverage period of 2 years.

The warranty period is as shown in the warranty table below:



Warranty coverage


Standard (2 years)
Extended (10 years)

Material defects caused by workmanship or defective materials or modifications that cause a visible imprint of more than 2 cm. in the mattress.


2 Years

Defects caused by faulty workmanship or defective materials.


2 Years

Defects caused by faulty workmanship or defective materials.

In case a valid claim is made under this Boxmistral® Warranty, Mistral srl will, at its option, offer to repair the defective product or provide an equivalent replacement product free of charge.

What does our warranty offer?

Mistral srl agrees to make free pickup of the defective product for repair or replacement provided that the claim is valid under this Boxmistral® Warranty and the product is returned from an address on the same national territory as the authorized dealer from whom the purchase was made. The repaired or replaced product will be delivered free of charge to an address on the same national territory as the authorized dealer from whom the purchase was made.


The Boxmistral® Warranty does not apply if:

  • The product was purchased used, second-hand, or from someone other than an authorized dealer or directly from Mistral srl.
  • The complaint submission procedure according to the Boxmistral® Warranty was not followed.
  • The product has not been used and/or handled with due care and/or in accordance with the instructions for use, hygiene and maintenance.
  • There are defects in Boxmistral® rolled mattresses caused by opening the package outside the recommended timeframe (product left in the box): this can cause the material to be torn or permanently deformed. Boxmistral® rolled mattresses must be unpacked within 6 months from the date of manufacture. When receiving your Boxmistral® mattress, it is important to always check the production date indicated on the package.
  • The product has been deliberately damaged or sustained damage as a result of negligence, cutting, burning, flooding, or other misuse by the customer or a third party.
  • The defect results from the product having been bent, crushed, or exposed to cold temperatures for a period of time sufficient to result in permanent tearing or deformation of the material.
  • The product has been soaked or immersed in water contrary to the Manufacturer’s directions.
  • The product is heavily stained, soiled, and/or in an otherwise unacceptable hygienic condition.
  • The product has been altered or repaired without the prior consent of the Manufacturer.
  • The defect is the consequence of normal wear and tear.

How to Submit a Complaint

To submit a complaint under the Boxmistral® Warranty, follow the procedure:

  • Contact the authorized dealer from whom the purchase was originally made. If the dealer is no longer in business or is no longer an authorized Boxmistral® dealer, contact Mistral srl
  • Submit the original invoice or receipt as proof of purchase.
  • Return the product to Mistral srl or the retailer (but only if Mistral srl. requested the product).

Our Responsibility

The liability of Mistral srl is limited to the cost of repair and/or replacement of the product under the Boxmistral® Warranty. Therefore, Mistral srl shall not be liable for any occurrence of loss or damage, regardless of cause, resulting from the purchase, possession, sale, or use of the products.
The products are sold exclusively for home and private use. Mistral srl assumes no responsibility for any case of loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunities.

Legal rights of the buyer

The Boxmistral® Warranty does not affect the consumer’s rights under applicable law but aims to enhance them wherever possible.


Last updated: June 2023