Boxmistral® Melody Pillow
Boxmistral® Melody Pillow
Boxmistral® Melody Pillow
Boxmistral® Melody Pillow
Boxmistral® Melody Pillow
Boxmistral® Melody Pillow

Boxmistral® Melody Pillow

The Ergonomic Pillow of the highest quality covered in Mistral, the innovative fresh and breathable padding. Find out more about the benefits of the Boxmistral® Melody Pillow.



Perforated White Memory (H 11 cm.)

Coloured Insert

Perfumed and Perforated Elastic Foam (H 2 cm.)


Mistral Super Soft 1,5 cm. / Airmash 0,3 cm.

Pillow Sizes

75 x 45 x 13 cm.


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Made in Italy


Free Delivery and Return
all over Italy

From 3 to 12 Monthly Payments
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Boxmistral Melody Pillow:
a new way to rest

It is often during the night, however, that the body takes on incorrect postures that cause back pain or increase already existing problems such as cervical pain.

This is due to poor posture or worse, products that are unsuitable for a proper and natural rest for the body.

Boxmistral Melody is the pillow that was created just for this purpose: to give you the opportunity to sleep and rest properly. It supports the head, is breathable and emanates light fragrances with a relaxing power.

A real treat for your body and mind!


Get Expert Advice

We asked Dr. Leonardo Franchi - Physiotherapist
to try our Boxmistral Melody Pillow.


Here are some video testimonials from people who tested our pillows and wanted to share their experience.

Advantages of Mistral®

An innovative product does simply appear by chance; it is the outcome of a specific design aim, with a well-defined scope and advantages.

Elastic and non-deformable

Thanks to its incredible elasticity, Mistral® is able to adapt perfectly to the objects or people it accommodates, immediately returning to its original shape.

It distributes the weight of what it supports over thousands of interwoven, flexible threads, adapting to every shape and movement.

Breathable and Fresh

Mistral® is 90% vacuum fabric: this allows the circulation of oxygen and and prevents the formation of moisture,
increasing comfort.

Thanks to its highly breathable structure, it is always well aired and fresh.

Dry and Hygienic

Composed of 100% water-repellent and largely empty polyester,it cannot retain liquids, or moisture, preventing the formation of mould and the proliferation of mites and bacteria.

Health benefits

In addition to a regenerative sleep like never before, resting on Melody Boxmistral gives you countless health benefits:


Relieves and prevents cervical pains


Allows you to rest your head in a correct and balanced way


Allows the spine to lie down in a natural position


It yields according to the weight of the person leaning on it and adapts to his or her body


Ensures correct and healthy breathing during sleep

Exclusive fragrances

Melody Boxmistral is a flavored pillow, which releases a light fragrance aimed at relaxing body and spirit thanks to the special coloured Elastic Foam insert (also perforated and therefore breathable) which is located in the upper part of the pillow inside the soap.

There are four fragrances currently available, each designed for specific tastes and all perfect to accompany you gently into the world of dreams.

A pleasure for body and mind that is renewed day by day with the fragrances:


Aloe Vera

It has a delicate scent and high relaxing power



Releases intense and enveloping notes of Mediterranean inspiration



It has the relaxing fragrance par excellence with its well known sweet and restful



It recalls freshly laid laundry with its intense refreshing scent.



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