Boxmistral SUPREME

  • Single
  • French
  • Double
  • King-size
  • 25 cm.
  • 30 cm.
  • Amalfi
  • Maiori
  • Palinuro
  • Positano
  • Ravello
  • Botticelli
  • Caravaggio
  • Giotto
  • Leonardo
  • Michelangelo
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Made in Italy



Class 1

Medical Device

10 Year


365 day


Boxmistral® SUPREME

How is Made

1. Mistral®

Thickness 2 cm. Breathable Thermo-Regulating
Gentle Lift Fresh Anti-Mould
Ergonomic Hypoallergenic Anti-Mite
Anti-Decubitus Dry

2. Elastic Foam Medium

Thickness 2 cm. Breathable
Medium lift Soft Touch


3. Memory Foam

Thickness 4 cm. Ergonomic
Soft Lift Comfortable

4. Micro Poket Springs

Thickness 14 cm. 7 differentiated areas
Soft Lift Adjusted effect across the body
Medium Hard ∼ 1500 springs in the double bed

5. Cell Foam

Thickness 3 cm. / 8cm. Compact
Rigid Lift Resistant
Perforated Supports the Whole Mattress

6. Voractiv® Foam

Thickness 5 cm. Assembled without glue
Patented Resilient
Laterally Perforated Elastic
Non-Deformable Lift

How a Boxmistral® is made

We take care of every tiny detail, always.

The advantages of Mistral®

The main features
of our innovative three-dimensional padding.

No pressure

Mistral® is made up of thousands of threads that divide and distribute the weight. You will sleep and rest as if on an air pillow.

Fresh and breathable

Thanks to its hollow structure, the Mistral® always contains renewed, fresh and clean air. This ensures hygiene, but also keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter.


Mistral® ensures your mattress is always clean. Its structure prevents the accumulation of mites, moulds and bacteria.

90% empty space

The Mistral® structure is 90% empty space; the remaining 10% is composed of the innovative honeycomb structure and the wires that give it thickness and comfort.

Boxmistral® dimensions

You can opt for the Boxmistral® size you prefer:
Single, French, Double or King-size.

You can also customize them according to your requirements.


(length X width): 200x90cm.


(length X width): 200x120cm.


(length X width): 200x160cm.


(length X width): 200x180cm.

Do you need it made-to-measure?

As inventors and producers of Mistral® and Boxmistral®, we can produce a mattress that is tailor-made for you. Send us the customized measurements for your Boxmistral® and we will make it for you in the space of a few days.


We have conceived, designed and created the covers for our Boxmistral®,
featuring typical Italian quality and design.

Ideal for all positions

Supports the weight of your body,
perfectly balancing the weight from different parts of the body.

Lying supine

Prevents the development of troublesome back pain.

Lying on one side

Conforms to the shape of the user’s elbows and legs.

Lying prone

Mistral® is extremely soft, pleasant as well as being anti-suffocation.

Health Benefits

Using spectrographic examination
we have tested the anti-decubitus properties of our Boxmistral®:
the conditions for formation of bedsores
are absent and it stimulates circulation.

Spectrographic examination:

supine position

Absence of compression zones in blood vessels.

Spectrographic examination:

lateral position

There are no vascular stress conditions.

Spectrographic examination: supine position

Absence of compression zones in blood vessels.

Spectrographic examination: lateral position

There are no vascular stress conditions.

Medical Device n. 1339712

Additional information

Our priority is to ensure you sleep soundly on an exclusive product.

International Patent.

Boxmistral® is protected by an international patent. We are the inventors and the only producers in the world of this product. You can buy it only from us or through our accredited dealers.

100% Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy product, pure Italian tradition and quality.

Certified Product

Our quality certifications are your guarantee against harmful substances, volatile organic compounds and bad odours. Each of our mattresses has been tested for durability, load curve and deformation.

Class 1 Medical Device

We have been granted CE marking and classification as an anti-decubitus mattress.

10 Year Guarantee

Mattresses are guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. The supporting structure of the mattress, the fabrics, the padding and the seams are covered by the guarantee.

365 Day Trial

Thanks to this formula you have the opportunity to try the mattress for 365 nights and if you are not satisfied you can return it, no problem. We will take care of everything.
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